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Text book for SU5/GUT theories

by Neitrino
Tags: book, su5 or gut, text, theories
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May7-12, 03:15 PM
P: 133
Dear PF,

Could you please advise me good detailed reference on Grand Unified Theories... especially I want to see where for example SU5 potential is composed from two Higgs representations (two Higgs fields) and how symmetry breaking (minima of potential appears for both of fields) happens...

Thank you....
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May9-12, 03:42 AM
P: 133
Could you please advise me how does one get the 5.4.10 matrix in the attached page from the


or what are those epsilons....

Thank you
May15-12, 02:06 AM
P: 1
Wonderful PDF. Thanks a lot.

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