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How to obtain the sampling frequency of frequency data

by biscuits
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May20-12, 08:12 AM
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Hi everybody, this is my first question in this forums.

I have some complex data in Matlab the absolute value of which represent a frequency response. My data extend from 1 Hz to 20 kHz and have an incremental frequency of 1 Hz.

I now need to convert this frequency responses in Impulse responses in order to measure the duration of this Impulse response. I am a bit confused though on what is the sampling frequency of my data. I need this information I guess in order to calculate time.

Is it the highest frequency of my dataset (that is 20 kHz) or double this frequency (40 kHz).

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May23-12, 07:28 AM
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Assuming I have understood you correctly, you essentially have a Fourier transform of a signal as this data set you are talking about? Your sampling frequency will be double the maximum resolved frequency. It is the concept of the Nyquist frequency.

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