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Electric circuit how to check linearity

by satya77
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Nov9-12, 02:32 AM
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Hi all,

I found the following equations for the electric circuit shown
Vc(t) = - 1/(R2*C) * Vc(t) 1/C * i(t) --------------------1
Vt(t) = Vc(t) R1*i(t) ------------------------------------ 2

I have the following questions
1.The first equation should be dVc(t)/dt = -1/(R2*C) * Vc(t) 1/C * i(t) . Am I correct on this?
2.The discrete time equations are given in the documents as
Vc,k+1 = exp(-T/(R2*C)Vc,k R2 * (1 exp(-T/R2*C)*ik --------------- 3
Vt,k = Vc,k R1*ik; ------------------------------------------------------------- 4

I can understand the 4th equation, but I cannot understand the 3 equation, could someone guide me how to do this conversion from continuous to discrete.
What is the T that is used?

3.Is this system linear? From little understanding I have, when an exponent is involved generally it is nonlinear. What is the methodology I should adopt to check whether a system is linear or nonlinear?

thanks in advance,
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