Looking for home educational material

by peteb
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Nov11-12, 11:45 PM
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Whoa cool link SolsticeFire, thanks! I knew of the MIT CourseWare but this is pretty mind blowing.
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Nov12-12, 04:22 AM
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there's also edx.org now, MIT/Harvard version of coursera.

if really need to stream on a tv, I think you can always download everything to a dvd disc, then just play on a television. there are downloaders like ytd(which I quite like) where you can download whole playlists from YouTube at the click of a button. the whole of MIT opencourseware! itunes is also very fast! I think a decent internet connection will do (something like 100MBps?) whole playlist in like a few hours? if its too troublesome can always hire someone to do it:) like.... grandkids? (well I would have gladly done it for my grandpa if he wanted it...)

regarding copyright, I suppose if such educational videos are just for personal use, then it should be acceptable? I'm not very sure, so please do correct me if I'm wrong... thanks!

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