Can I hook a 50 Ohm Variable Attenuator To This Circuit?

by Bigredbloke
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Nov14-12, 12:45 PM
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The is the Output circuit of a microphone I'm using to look at photoacoustic signal, is just an Op-Amp, connected to a high pass filter which is using a 30 Kohm resistor. Sadly, the signal the microphone gives is too strong for the lock-in I'm using to read the signal, and overloads it. I want to buy an attenuator in order to lower the signal without disturbing the waveform. When I measured the output resistance of my microphone it was 30 kOhms, which matched the circuit diagram, so I know that is correct.

My question is can I buy an 50 Ohm Attenuator and hook it up to the output of the mic, will it still properly attenuate the signal? If not do you have any other possible solutions? I am trying to attenuate the signal by at least 10 dBV. Thanks for the help!
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