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Classsification of Pre main sequence(PMS) stars

by vrinda mukund
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vrinda mukund
Nov20-12, 11:31 PM
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Hello everyone,
there is a classification of PMS based on color-color diagram as class 0, class I and class II. can some one please explain more about this classification or provide me with some useful link. I am trying to plot color-color diagram of an Open cluster using Wise Band data.
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Nov21-12, 01:33 AM
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That applies to main sequence stars, not protostars.
vrinda mukund
Nov21-12, 02:20 AM
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no, its applicable to PMS. see the appendix portion of the paper by Koenig

jim mcnamara
Nov21-12, 06:01 AM
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Classsification of Pre main sequence(PMS) stars

@vrinda - please post a better reference - meaning we did not happen to read the paper you have in mind, so how can we read it, too?
Nov22-12, 11:23 AM
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Quote Quote by vrinda mukund View Post
no, its applicable to PMS. see the appendix portion of the paper by Koenig
This paper?

Koenig, X. P. and Leisawitz, D. T. and Benford, D. J. and Rebull, L. M. and Padgett, D. L. and Assef, R. J. (2012) Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Observations of the Evolution of Massive Star-forming Regions. Astrophysical Journal, 744 (2). p. 130. ISSN 0004-637X

There is a paper by Koenig (2008) that is referenced by:

Wide-Field Survey of Emission-line Stars in IC 1396

Pre-main-sequence population in NGC 1893 region

Perhaps this is of interest: Introduction to Young Stellar Objects

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