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Easy problem with heat transfer from surrounding air to water tank

by JonasTj
Tags: heat transfer, tank, thermodynamics, water
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Nov27-12, 04:42 AM
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Im doing some measures on a closed water tank with the water temperature 14C and surrounding air with temperature of 20C. I want to know how much heat transfer there is between the surrounding air and the tank.

A= 47m2 (area of tank in contact with the surrounding air)

R1= air to tank transfer = 0.12 (i found this value)
R2= heat transfer in the tank material = d/λ. d=0.1 λ=1
R3= heat transfer between water and tank material. How do i calculate this?

Best regards / Jonas
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Nov27-12, 05:38 AM
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Welcome to PF!

Unfortunately, heat transfer is not an easy thing to calculate. Fortunately, the heat transfer between water and tank is so good, the R-value is near zero so you can ignore it.
Nov27-12, 05:54 AM
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Thank you very much for your help!

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