Question about Aubrey de Grey's "Ending Aging" theory.

by Synchronised
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Dec4-12, 10:07 AM
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So he wants to increase the life expectancy of people, but I think there is no way this medicine will be available to everyone because increased population will have so much negative impact on the environment, economics, and many other things. More people = more vehicles being driven, more electricity being used, more trash being produced, more food being consumed, higher demand for health care etc... so does that mean only specific people would have access to such technology? Only the people with better genes, e.i. the smarter and stronger people? I think such medicine can really help scientists like stephen hawking and it would have definitely helped Einstein continue his studies.
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Dec4-12, 11:42 AM
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First, you should know that de Grey's work is
so far from plausible that it commands no respect at all within the informed scientific community.
To explain to a layman why de Grey's programme falls into the realm of fantasy rather than science requires time, attention and the presentation of detailed background information. In addition, anyone who is tempted to do so is easily cast as a Luddite, an enemy of creativity and noble ambition, and someone whose prissy reluctance to confront de Grey's ideas might prevent us from living forever.

Each one of the specific proposals that comprise the SENS agenda is, at our present stage of ignorance, exceptionally optimistic. Therefore, by multiplying the probabilities of success, the claim that all of these proposals can be accomplished, although presented with confidence in de Grey's writings, seems nonsensical. Consequently, the idea that a research programme organized around the SENS agenda will not only retard ageing, but also reverse it—creating young people from old ones—and do so within our lifetime, is so far from plausible that it commands no respect at all within the informed scientific community.

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