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by wuki1
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Dec8-12, 09:31 AM
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Hello, i am engineering student in my first semester and in my course we have to do a project to present, the professor picked the ideas for each group and my group got what he called a water ball. This water ball is basically supposed to be a ball that you can throw into your basement in case of a flood and it gets rid of the water, now he said we can be as creative we can be using things that haven't been made yet but i would like some input.
These are my ideas so far:
1)A ball that has a check valve so the water goes in but doesn't come back out, the problem is I do not know what to do with the water inside.
2)Some kind of heating device installed in the ball so when lets say way flows in it heats up and makes the water evaporate
3)A mini black hole kind of so water goes in and than just disappears.
4)A kind of pokeball in a sense you throw it and the ball just absorbs it by, not sure but maybe minituarizing it or the ball just has a huge amount of space inside but is small on the outside.
5)The last idea i have so far instead of one ball it is many lets say 20 1cm x1cm sized balls that absorb water and expand to lets say 10 times their volume so when you throw in 20 it absorbs a big amount of water.

I know this is a big read and these ideas are mostly fictional but I would like some input on which you think is the best candidate to use, Thank you.
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Dec8-12, 09:40 AM
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The idea of a project is that you come up with ideas and work them out, not strangers on the internet. If you have questions or problems, you should ask your professor.

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