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Look for a job while being an undergraduate Physics student

by physisawesome
Tags: career, internship, job, physics, undergraduate
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Dec15-12, 05:38 PM
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I am currently a Physics B.S. undergraduate student living in New York City. I am also looking for a job while I continue my studies.
My major is Physics B.S. and my minor is Mathematics. I also have a very basic C++, Javascript, HTML, and CSS knowledge. I also have a very good typing speed of about 60 words per minute.

I am looking for a job that can be meaningful to my future career(physicist). I am not looking for some restaurant and store job. Something, that is more related to science and does not require any bachelor's degree.

Please tell me some careers/jobs that I can have while I go to undergrad school.
I has to be a paid job because i need some money. Internship is fine too. I can also have a Federal job because I am a citizen.

Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.
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Dec17-12, 12:23 AM
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Ask professors about opportunities. If you really need money, try not to limit yourself to just a science field.
Dec17-12, 02:27 AM
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Since it seems that you are interested in making Physics a career, I will assume that definitely means Graduate School is in your future. If that is the case I would strongly encourage you to find work as an Undergraduate RA (Research Assistant) in your Physics Department.

Talk to the professors, do some research, find something you are interested in.

After grades, undergraduate research and a letter of recommendation from a university professor you worked for in your field is probably the most important thing on your Grad App.

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