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I have got next interesting geometry example :-)I have got regular

by Numeriprimi
Tags: hexagon, similarity
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Dec17-12, 05:26 PM
P: 138
I have got next interesting geometry example :-)

I have got regular hexagon ABCDEF, when S (mark for area in Czech... and in the USA, British I don't know :D) 30cm2.
In the hexagon is M.
You know: ABM(S)=3cm2 and BCM(S)=2cm2.
What is S of: CDM, DEM, EFM and FAM?

So, about me... I don't know much. I think is there some similarity of triangles and that is nub of example. But I don't know how use it.

Have you got any idea?
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Dec18-12, 12:32 AM
P: 16
A picture would help a lot.

Use this:

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