Summer jobs in Science for high school students

by Jow
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Jan4-13, 03:42 PM
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I am not a scientist. I haven't even finished high school. However, this summer, my mother wants me to get some work experience. As I aspire to become a scientist (physicist) when I am older I thought it would be great to get a job doing something science-y. Are there such things as summer research programs for high schoolers? Can I get a job at a lab and/or university? If so, how would I go about getting such a position. I live near UBC (and therefore SFU). I have looked on there websites for such things but I can't quite find anything (admittedly I haven't looked very hard). Any information on this subject would be welcome.
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Jan7-13, 02:49 PM
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Since you are from Canada, depending on your high school grades and how close you are to graduating, you may want to consider applying to the Shad Valley program through your high school.

From the website, UBC is one of the participating schools in the program.
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Jan7-13, 03:53 PM
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Thanks a lot for this. I shall definitely look into it.

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