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State callback in photon teleportation

by bastianT
Tags: callback, photon, state, teleportation
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Jan7-13, 03:07 PM
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Is there any way in Physics to send a photon and receive it's state of impact and informations about the sampled point after impact? Like a tripple integer hit state on quantum teleporting a photon? I know there are tangled photons but over a distance of 140+ km? And I am talking about a real life solution and or even if this is theoretically possible.

There should not be a transmitter and receiver but rather a laser which impacts somewhere and sends informations back.
But I guess this is easier with radiowaves or whatever.
I am wondering if you could theoretically receive the sampled RGB value of a point beeing shot at with whatever, even in darkness.

thanks in advance.
And yes I have no ****ing idea about physics.
That's why I post here.
I will be enlighted with any answer, I guess.
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