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by fonz
Tags: prometheus, spoilers, warning
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Nov16-12, 06:35 AM
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Yeah, I pitty him.
Greg Bernhardt
Nov17-12, 01:00 AM
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Just watched it on a plane. I see there were several big "idiot" moments and can understand why some were turned off by them. Overall though I got into the atmosphere and enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next movie!
Jan24-13, 02:57 AM
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This film should be better but its OK:) worth to see :P
Feb6-13, 06:39 PM
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Quote Quote by gravenewworld View Post
Hollywood releases films abroad before the US.
When did that started happening? I still remember the pre internet times, when months or even almost a year would pass before a movie that premiered in America hits Europe.
Feb17-13, 08:59 PM
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Prometheus made me seriously doubt the talent of Ridley Scott. It was so disjointed, and the horror aspects felt forced and boring.

But, basically, the idea is that there's this group of super-beings that goes around basically seeding planets with life. That's what the opening scene is. To create life, a super-being sacrifices itself so its DNA can seed life. Earth is one of those planets. Earth went off track. So, 2000 years ago, the super-beings send one of their own to Earth to get people on the right track again. The people of Earth seriously screwed up, which got these super-beings really angry and so they planned a super-weapon to wipe out life on Earth.

And so when the movie begins, the humans have discovered this super-weapon. They don't know it yet, of course.

Also, try and guess what happened 2000 years ago that might greatly offend a race of super-beings.
Feb27-13, 10:23 AM
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As someone who is over-familiar with nearly every second of the original "Alien", I had an objection to Prometheus that I never had to the sequels: It frequently attempts to reuse exact images from Alien, pasting them together somewhat incoherently. I made a list:

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