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Publication: perpetuum mobile of fourth type

by rositiv
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Feb1-13, 03:45 AM
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A fresh publication (few days ago) in Physical Review (American Physical Society):

Abstract: <skipped/technical> The suggested “zero-point-driven” devices — which have no internally moving parts — correspond to a perpetuum mobile of a new, fourth kind: They do not produce any work despite the fact that their equilibrium (ground) state corresponds to a permanent rotation even in the presence of an external environment. We show that our proposal is consistent with the laws of thermodynamics.

Any comments about the "perpetuum mobile of fourth kind" from the physics community/specialists?
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Feb1-13, 12:31 PM
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Interesting idea, and it does not look impossible to realize. A temperature below 50mK (at 50T magnetic field) requires constant cooling of the environment, but it is possible. The construction of the ring might be challenging.

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