If you could recommend one book...

by Cmertin
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Feb5-13, 09:17 PM
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If you could recommend one into to Nuclear & Particle Physics book, what would it be? I looked in the textbook section, though there are no reviews of the books so I don't know which one would be best. I'm a college student, I'd LOVE to get all of them, but I can't :-/.

Any suggestions?
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Feb9-13, 04:06 AM
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What kind of insight are you looking for? Do you want a technical book or something that present the most striking facts without too many computations?
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Feb9-13, 05:31 AM
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I'm a college student, I'd LOVE to get all of them, but I can't :-/.
A good library should have some of them, so you can check which book you prefer.

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