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Differences between Newton Raphson & Gauss Seidel Methods ?

by Serena_hm
Tags: differences, gauss, methods, newton, raphson, seidel
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Feb11-13, 09:07 AM
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hello everyone ...

can any one please summarize me the differences between Newton Raphson & Gauss Seidel Methods in load flow study !?

I'll be really thankful
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Feb11-13, 01:28 PM
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i'm an EE and i have no idea what a "load flow study" is.

the Newton-Raphson and Gauss-Seidel are two different things.

as best as i can tell Gauss-Seidel is sorta equivalent to what we usually call Gaussian elimination, but i may be wrong. both are for solving a set of N linear equations with N unknowns. i don't imagine there are too many problems (like multiple, equally-valid solutions) if the N equations are all linearly independent.

Newton-Raphson is for solving for the roots of N non-linear equations. it's an iterative method that converges on a result. there are possibilities of the thing not converging on a solution, or sometimes converging on a valid solution, but it isn't the set of roots that you want. a set of N non-linear equations might have more than one result set of the N unknowns.
Feb11-13, 06:37 PM
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thanks for your explanation , I meant with load flow study , power flow study in power system

Feb11-13, 08:17 PM
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Differences between Newton Raphson & Gauss Seidel Methods ?

okay, whatever the application is, the Gauss Seidel is for a system of linear equations and Newton-Raphson is for a single non-linear equation or a system of non-linear equations.

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