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World dominated by ants!

by I_am_learning
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Feb19-13, 12:28 PM
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Did any of you watch science mystery theater 3000?

I remember one episode they watched an old 1960s movie about an alien invasion and when the aliens first came out of their spaceship it was revealed that they where gigantic alien ants. It was actually pretty scary but that was mostly because of the cool noise they made. Someone else had to have seen that episode besides me right?
Feb19-13, 08:53 PM
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Quote Quote by cephron View Post
I wonder if your super-brain ants would still have trouble manipulating fire and metals.
Here in Bali the ants made a nest outside of my home out of living coconut leaves glued together, the whole thing hanging from the frond like a scrotum. The level of cooperation necessary to do that is incredible. If they can do that I figure they could do just about anything. Besides, even human beings are pretty much ants compared with the forces that we attempt to control. So if we can do it, I don't see why they couldn't.
Mar25-13, 09:24 PM
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Seems like weaver ants.

Ants and termites don't have much by way of brains, and they don't seem to need to learn how to build their nests, so they likely follow some instincts for their parts in building their nests.

Learning Ant Foraging Behaviors is an attempt to simulate how collective behavior can evolve.

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