Thermal velocity of particles in the solar corona

by Cerdocyon
Tags: corona, particles, solar, thermal, velocity
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Feb19-13, 09:04 PM
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Hello i have a problem with this question if anyone could help me ,that would be great.
Estimate the thermal velocity of particles in the solar corona (take a distance two times the radius of the sun and assume that the particules have only two degrees of freedom),
thus the thermal energy is calculated via Eth = kB*T where kB is boltzmann constant.
Thank you.
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Feb20-13, 08:21 AM
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Do you know the temperature?
There is a relation between temperature and average/squared average/whatever velocity.
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Feb20-13, 10:59 AM
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hmmm well it's not precised but the average temperature in the corona is 10^6 K, i guess it will do.

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