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Why can't I see my own user warnings?

by Mk
Tags: user, warnings
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Mar6-05, 02:11 AM
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Why can't I see my own user warnings? Do moderators and administrators make fun of us? Hold me! I'm scared!
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Mar6-05, 04:00 AM
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U can't because you're not an administrator,nor moderator/super mentor.

Do you have at least one...?

If not,why do u ask...?

Mar6-05, 04:56 AM
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I'm just curious, and what is the reason of why I can't see if anythings there or not and what it is anyway?

Mar6-05, 07:45 AM
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Why can't I see my own user warnings?

You don't have any warnings.

If you receive one in the future, you'll be notified by Email about it.
Tom Mattson
Mar6-05, 04:41 PM
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Yeah, with warnings, no news is GOOD news!

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