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A question for Graduate students...(in any subject)

by eljose
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Mar17-06, 06:33 AM
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I didn,t know where to put this question hope it fits here here is my question...i am a Physics graduate student from Spain (Solid State ) but i have had no luck and in spite of having finished the career about 3 years ago (2003) with no very good qualifications, i have not been able to find a "serious" (stable,well-paid..) job, i am 27 years old and i have only worked ˇˇˇ12 daysˇˇˇ in all my life and in very bad jobs (Pizza deliverer,cleaning service worker= 12 hours job by only 30€ and so on), yes that,s very sad but my question to this international forumers from England or the USA is if in their countries the situation is similar to mine.. that,s it if you are graduate students in physics,math or other science and have a good job or if it took you a lot of time to find a good and suitable job to your universitary knowledge.

I have checked several forums and in this a user called "Pengwino" or something similar complained about having a PhD and not finding a job or something similar, on the other hand i read in a newspaper in my country that Spain was "the only country in Europe that having an university degree didn,t provide you a good job", so i would like to know from people from Europe,America or Asia navigating in this forum their opinion and experiences..thanks in advance for your interest...
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Mar17-06, 07:36 AM
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What concerns me is the statement "having finished the career about 3 years ago (2003) with no very good qualifications".

I would expect a graduate student to be doing research relevant to one's particular field.

In my experience, getting an MS or even PhD is essential!

eljose, in what area of solid state physics was your study?

Also, for any university student, it is important to become involved in professional societies so that one can make contacts and keep abreast of current and ongoing developments in one's field.

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