Making the Consciousness Singularity a Reality

by thanatos4
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Mar19-06, 08:44 PM
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Ok, enough wishy-washy fluffy talk of the Consciousness Singularity, how do we do this thing? I want details. No crystalline, chakra, or third-eye nonsense. Just suggestions rooted in hard facts. Here are some concrete ideas for bringing about the Consciousness Singularity:

FIRST STEP: Establish transpersonal consciousness

1) expand cingulate cortex and synchronize with other people's

2) synchronize thalamic rhythms between people

3) synchronize other brain activities between people

4) screw synchrony, let's hardwire two brains together

5) let's try augmenting one or two people's brains, either by enlarging, enhancing plasticity, or doing something else
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Mar19-06, 10:37 PM
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I don't think telepathy is real.
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Mar19-06, 10:45 PM
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another way, genetic engineering:
In the July 19, 2002, Science, Walsh and his colleague Anjen Chenn, now at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago, described genetically engineered mice (targetting the gene beta-catenin) that develop cerebral cortexes with greatly increased surface area, so much so that the mouse brains have a more humanlike, wrinkled appearance. "It looks as if these wrinkles don't require any special genetic tricks. It seems to be a passive response to having a brain that's bigger than your head," says Walsh.

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Mar19-06, 11:41 PM
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Making the Consciousness Singularity a Reality

Quote Quote by Mk
I don't think telepathy is real.
Although there may be recognizable configurations to the EMs being generated by thought, I have to agree with you in that, we certainly are not going to form words and phrazes out of telepathy... perhaps simply get the general "feeling" for how someone might be thinking or "feeling" on their own.
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May21-07, 08:38 PM
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Why not enhance cognitive ability associated with emotional areas such as the limbic system , emotions are what drives us more than anything and i wouldn't be surprised if really strong emotions could push our cognitive ability to affect something out of the skull . The pre frontal cortex would also need to be developed more for control.

Or , howbout cases of fused grey matter of different lobes being accompanied with extraordinary mental ability like calculation+visualization , interesting outcomes could come about

Or , howbout instead of boosting , we could remove something that could allow for more usuage of abilities that are normally overriden by other parts of the brain that developed more with social development
I think there was a hypothesis of ice age era humans having more telepathic abilities

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I don't think telepathy is real.
The world we exist in can be illogical and in huge scales , i wouldn't rule telepathy out. The brain could be like an antenna , pick up energies maybey not confined to our dimension
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May22-07, 08:45 AM
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Sorry, this thread should have been deleted a year ago.

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