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Rolling Friction and Bicycle Tires, Mastering physics problem.

by kenau_reveas
Tags: bicycle, friction, mastering, physics, rolling, tires
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Oct8-06, 01:16 PM
P: 39
Information given:

Two bicycle tires are set rolling with the same initial speed of 3.60 m/s along a long, straight road, and the distance each travels before its speed is reduced by half is measured. One tire is inflated to a pressure of 40 {\rm psi} and goes a distance of 18.1 m; the other is at 105 {\rm psi} and goes a distance of 93.1 m. Assume that the net horizontal force is due to rolling friction only and take the free-fall acceleration to be g = 9.80 m/s^2.

Question 1:

What is the coefficient of rolling friction mu_r for the tire under low pressure?

i really dont have a clue about this question.
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Oct8-06, 03:27 PM
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Anyone? please help..

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