Plasmons, Surface Plasmons, Localized Plasmons... Im confused!

by Repetit
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Dec19-06, 02:21 PM
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I don't really know where this thread belongs so I'll just put it here.

Im pretty confused about all these terms. I mean, a plasmon is a collective oscillation of the electrons in the material (right?), and a surface plasmon is a plasmon travelling along the surface of a material, but what are localized plasmons? And where does the term "resonance" fit in (as in surface plasmon resonance, and localized surface plasmon resonance).

Are some of these just different terms for the same physical phenomena or what? Could someone please enlighten me.

Thanks in advance!
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Dec19-06, 02:34 PM
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I've heard of localized plasmons in nanostructured materials. I'm guessing that if you can spatially confine an electron gas, you will see localized plasmons. You'll have to get more on this from someone else.

Plasmon resonance is the phenomenon of exciting a plasmon at its eigenfrequency by shining a laser at it with this frequency. This is no different from the resonance induced in any harmonic oscillator by matching the forcing frequency (or excitation frequency) to the natural frequency of the oscillator.
Claude Bile
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Jan7-07, 06:23 PM
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Localised surface plasmons are plasmons that occur in nanoparticles and a characterised by the fact that the plasmon properties are highly dependant on the shape of the nanoparticle, unlike surface plasmons in bulk media. This makes LSPs tunable to an extent by changing the shape of the nanoparticle.


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