Sabine Hossenfelder: Phenomenological Quantum Gravity

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Apr21-07, 11:05 AM
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Sabine Hossenfelder: Phenomenological Quantum Gravity

The search for a satisfying theory that unifies general relativity with quantum field theory is surely one of the major tasks for physicists in the 21st century. During the last decade, the phenomenology of quantum gravity and string theory has been examined from various points of view, opening new perspectives and testable predictions. I will give a short introduction into these effective models which allow to extend the standard model and include the expected effects of the underlying fundamental theory. I will talk about models with extra dimensions, models with a minimal length scale and those with a deformation of Lorentz invariance. The focus is on observable consequences, such as black hole and graviton production and modifications of standard-model cross-sections.
Since I have an interest in the work being done on minimum length, I have listed some papers which I found. (Saves you the time to dig them up)
Phenomenological Quantum Gravity
S. Hossenfelder
01 Nov 2006
Studying the effects of minimal length in large extra dimensional
models in the jet + missing energy channels at hadron colliders
Gautam Bhattacharyya 1, Kumar Rao 2, K. Sridhar
02 July 2006
Interpretation of Quantum Field Theories with a Minimal Length Scale
S. Hossenfelder
23 May 2006
Self-consistency in Theories with a Minimal Length
S. Hossenfelder
21 Feb 2006
The Casimir Effect in the Presence of a Minimal Length
U. Harbach
S. Hossenfelder
15 March 2005
Signatures of a minimal length scale in high precision experiments
U. Harbach,1, ∗ S. Hossenfelder,2 M. Bleicher,1 and H. St¨ocker1
23 April 2004
Mini Black Holes in the first year of the LHC
Discovery Through Di-Jet Suppression, Mono-Jet Emission and ionising tracks
H. St¨ocker
24 July 2006
High precision measurements and the minimal scale
Constraining models with Large eXtra Dimensions through high precision
Ulrich Harbach
Is anyone aware of any refinement being done on the calculations?
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High power laser sources at exotic wavelengths
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Apr22-07, 02:14 PM
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Finding out if there is a minimum length is probably one of the oldest question.
Since CERN will be probing new length scales, I am surprised that I'm not finding more papers that proposes that the results would look like ???? and would indicate the minimum length scale. (ie. like the paper by Gautam Bhattacharyya, Kumar Rao, K. Sridhar)
Maybe the papers are there but only by insinuations. They don't say, "the minimum length scale".
Finding or not finding the minimum length scale will have an effect. The papers should be out there before CERN "opens the box".

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