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Honors program?

by proton
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Nov6-07, 06:57 PM
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I'm currently debating whether to join my school's honors program. Since I'm a transfer student and have completed all of my lower-div and GE classes, I just have to take upperdiv math and physics. Of the classes I want to take, none of them are honors courses (they dont cover extra material than non-honors courses), but do count as honors credit for the honors program (like the upper-div physics electives). Do grad schools and employers really care if you graduate with honors? if not, then the only benefits to this program are the extra interaction I get to have with students and professors. (which could lead to me getting better letters of rec, right?) in that case, I might as well just take a few courses for honors credit, but not do the honors program (since it has a minimum units reqirement).
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Nov6-07, 07:42 PM
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Is there a way to balance courses you want to take and courses that are required?
Nov7-07, 02:06 AM
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well 3 of the 5 classes I need to take are upper-div physics electives. So to fill the other 2, I need to take either 1 grad-level course and 1 probability theory course (the only math course that I'm even somewhat interested in taking), 1 grad level course and 1 more physics elective, or 2 grad-level courses. Right now, I'm not sure whether I want to go to grad school, so I'm uncertain about taking grad-level courses. If I do the honors program, I have to spend extra work for the class and with the professors for each of those classes

Nov8-07, 11:26 PM
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Honors program?

I would really appreciate any responses. i have to enroll in my classes for next quarter soon

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