Problem with brinell hardness tester

by math_1048
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Nov9-07, 08:56 AM
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Hello my friends,
I have a problem with very old brinell hardness tester system called "kingscan II" by this system contain a Pulnix TM-7CN ccd cam - the cam hacked by adding light source (8 leds), data cable (connect to the serical and parallel port - and viga card with video input plug) , and PC computer, the cam now read wrong values of hardness,
I get the cam datasheet and check it - its ok.
then the problem in hacked part that made by kingtester,but kingtester doesnt support any thing abut this version-kingscan II-.
dears how can I get any sheet about the data cable , or any help to solve this problem?
please help me , thank you very much.
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