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Drug Dealers Stop Recording of Them With Remote from Street

by skizit
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Aug22-08, 01:04 AM
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My question is about remote controls. A remote control uses infrared or radio. If I have a TV VCR taping activity at the drug house, they have a remote control which they use to stop my recording every time I leave. I only get 30 minutes of tape instead of 8.

What do I need to do to protect my VCR from long range remote changes?

Put it in a metal box? On all sides, even the bottom? My question really is about what material will block infrared communication and/or radio frequency communication between electronic equipment. I'm trying to get the ghouls on tape climbing the fence or opening the door.

Any suggestions?
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Aug22-08, 02:04 AM
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If you know anything about remotes, some need a direct line to communicate with electronic equipment. The signal can also be bounced off nearby objects to the equipment. Remotes can work up to 100 ft so if your house is offset from the street by 30 feet, then someone with the same remote you have in your hand or a universal remote can control your TV. There are remotes for lights, water sprinklers, fans and other things which use the same devices. You can go over and start your neighbor's water sprinklers if you have the same remote. Does that sound crazy?

I'm not rich so I can't afford high tech cameras so I just use my little TV VCR combos. These work great and record an 8 hour tape. If your neighbor doesn't want to be caught on camera spraying your yard with pesticide to kill all your grass, he knows that you are going to leave your camera and TV/VCR on recording what happens in your front yard. So, what does he want to do? He wants to stop your TV/VCR from recorder! How does he do that? He knows what brand your TV/VCR is, he gets a compatible remote and walks down the sidewalk, aims his remote at your house (infrared is not stopped by glass, sheetrock, 2 x 4's, etc.) and wallah, your recording stops and he goes ahead and sprays your yard with the pesticide of his choice.
Aug22-08, 02:13 AM
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If it's an infrared camera, you should be able to just tape a piece of tin foil over the IR window (cover the entire window, and then some--see if it works by pointing the remote directly at it, and seeing if you can turn it on/off). If it's a radio remote, a big metal box might work (you'd also need metal mesh over the window, and this'll still be the radio "leak" in your box), and might be a good idea just from a security point of view.

But, if you're always only getting half an hour, you've either got very punctual drug dealers/users, or your camera might be shutting itself off. If this is not the case, is the camera in plain view? You might try "giving up" and then moving it to a hidden location (if possible). Depending on the camcorder, you may also be able to turn off the remote feature, or the "auto off".

Aug22-08, 11:30 PM
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Drug Dealers Stop Recording of Them With Remote from Street

Due to another thread, we have solved the problem. WHOOHAHHH!!!!! sorry, I'm Texan
Aug22-08, 11:33 PM
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Thread closed then.

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