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Darwin plagiarizes to Pierre Tremaux?

by Salia Narcovi
Tags: allopatric, evolution, speciation, tremaux
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Salia Narcovi
Sep28-08, 09:32 AM
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Darwin plagiarizes to Pierre Tremaux?

I leave you the link to scientific paper that it affirms that to the idea of allopatric speciation borrow of a book of Pierre Tremaux.

Trémaux on species: A theory of allopatric speciation (and punctuated equilibrium) before Wagner

Tremaux's Book :“Origine et transformations de l’homme et des autres êtres, 1865″
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Mike H
Sep28-08, 10:26 AM
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Interesting paper, I don't know enough about the history of science to conclusively comment, although the paper doesn't argue for anything as definitive. The 1866 revision of Origin of Species came out a year after Tremaux's book in 1865 - while Darwin had a copy of it in his library, and apparently read it (based on a notation found in his copy), I don't see any information on *when* he acquired the book. Maybe he picked up a copy in 1867 after having been referred to it, and he didn't find anything new of interest.

Of course, it seems that Wagner and Gould/Eldridge also could have been used for the title of this post, but that's a separate discussion, I'd figure.

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