What damage to the body can infrared rays, radar waves, FM waves, TV waves, "shortwav

by Cmertin
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Oct22-08, 03:31 PM
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What damage to the body can infrared rays, radar waves, FM waves, TV waves, "shortwave" waves, and AM waves do?

I have to do a physics project on causes of cancer, based on a physics standpoint. I have an Idea to make the poster board interactive with the audience, by letting them look through holes in the poster board to see what happens with each wave. I am using the link below and I already have pictures of what gamma rays - the hulk ;-) -, x-rays, and UV rays do to the body, but I can not find what the rest do, let alone pictures of what happens. If you could either tell me what happens for the ones that I can't find information on, or find a picture and tell me what happens that would be great.
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Oct22-08, 05:06 PM
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In essence, the shorter wavelengths are capable of interacting with dna and damaging it/breaking it. The only known mechanism for longer wavelengths to do harm is by heating.

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