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Change in internal energy of a gas

by 6021023
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Nov30-08, 02:41 PM
P: 90
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Two moles of carbon monoxide (CO) start at a pressure of 1.2 atm and a volume of 30 liters. The gas is then compressed adiabatically to 1/3 this volume. Assume that the gas may be treated as ideal.

What is the change in the internal energy of the gas?

n = 1.2 atm
V2 = 10L
V1 = 30L
Cp = 29.16 J/(mol * K)

2. Relevant equations
Q = dU + W

3. The attempt at a solution
dU = dQ - dW
dU = nCpdT - pdV

dT is not known, and I can't go any further.
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Nov30-08, 03:19 PM
P: 39
You can find [tex]T_1[/tex] using PV = nRT. You can then use the adiabatic equation [tex]TV^{\gamma}= constant [/tex] to find [tex]T_2[/tex]

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