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How hijacks or redirects are achieved

by FrankJ777
Tags: achieved, hijacks, redirects
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Dec10-08, 07:14 PM
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Can anyone give me a technical explaination about how hijacks or redirects are achieved. I keep getting redirected to shopping sites that I'm not going to and would like to see if I can figure out how to solve the problem myself.

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Dec10-08, 11:56 PM
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If that is so you need to clean them out using Ad-Aware or Windows Defender. Most of the time these adware programs gets stuck in memory and using Win Task Manager to end them won't help since they somehow always manage to run themselves again. These spyware and adware programs tend to lodge themselves in your registry, startup config files. Removing them manually is a pain. Do yourself a favour and download some free anti-spyware tools like Ad-Aware.
Math Is Hard
Dec11-08, 12:31 AM
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I got a bad infestation of malware a couple of months ago on my PC (similar to what you described - but kept getting redirects to sites). I tried AdAware, Windows Defender, Spybot search and Destroy and several other programs but was unable to clean it all out. The only way I was able to finally get rid of it was by running a program called MalwareBytes (from while in safe mode. That did the trick.

Dec11-08, 12:57 AM
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How hijacks or redirects are achieved

I believe you should be able to run Ad-Aware in safe mode. Perhaps Windows Defender as well. The only problem with these anti-adware programs is that adware/malware recognises them and in some cases are able to block definition updates required for the software to recognise and remove them.

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