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Jun3-04, 11:27 AM
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This movie exaggerates the effects of Global Warming to be sure but with the weather being a chaotic system I don't think its at all improbable that some of the scenes depicted in the movie couldn't happen. Tornados may become more powerful or there could be a greater occurance of super (F4, F5) tornados, hurricanes could increase in strength as well.
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Jun3-04, 12:00 PM
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Most climatic models have regions of positive feedback if situations stray too far from "normal", but even these depend on years going by for the effects to be large.

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Jun3-04, 05:09 PM
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It is a movie!
And that is it!

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Jun4-04, 03:20 AM
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The day after tomorrow...

They're wrong about Nietzsche in that movie. Very annoying. he wasn't in love with his sister, at least not incestually, and he was quite misogynistic, though not truly chauvinist given his despisal of sexuality. he was also a relativist who claimed that his views about women may very well have been only true for him, the only redeeming feature to that particular portion of his philosophies.
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Jun4-04, 04:59 AM
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Just to stir up the discussion, if at all possible:
These Hollywood special effects may cost the world $15 trillion
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Jun4-04, 07:19 AM
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We may have recognised the author of that article, Bjorn Lomborg, the sceptical environmentalist who wrote in a book arguing that Kyoto is no good. It costs incredible amounts and the effect is neglible. Now if global warming was just science, then this would be a mere point of view, to be accepted or refuted.

I have been critiqued about exagarating about global warming hype. Is there a hype? Why be so aggressive against it?

This is partly why. Lomborg’s crime is only presenting a case and stating an opinion. What happens next is a witch hunt:

Danish scientist Bjorn Lomborg, who has recently been compared to Adolf Hitler by the Chairman of the U.N.'s Climate Panel

Adolf Lomborg
What Pachauri apparently objects to is that Lomborg concludes that the Kyoto Protocol would do almost nothing to reduce the rate of global warming, but at enormous expense. For a fraction of the costs of Kyoto, many pressing environmental problems afflicting poor countries could be addressed.

This is hardly Nazi thinking, but it is not the first time the Nazi analogy or something like it has been directed at Dr. Lomborg. The British scientific journal Nature, for instance, in November 2001 published a review of The Skeptical Environmentalist by Stuart Pimm of the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation, Columbia University, and Jeff Harvey of the Centre for Terrestrial Ecology, Netherlands Institute of Ecology. They said, "The text employs the strategy of those who, for example, argue that gay men aren't dying of AIDS, that Jews weren't singled out by the Nazis for extermination, and so on."

Anti-environmentalist author Bjorn Lomborg's book, the Skeptical Environmentalist, argues for continued exploitation of people and natural resources - and against attempts to control climate change, deforestation, waste etc. At a book launch in Oxford, Mark Lynas - who is writing a book on climate change issues - stuck a pie in his face - describing Lomborg's attitude as dangerous nonsense, feeding into the hands of the corporations like Esso.

You will remember that in a message a colleague of Bjorn Lomborg, a Professor of Statistics at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, denounced him as a disgrace to Denmark, and, worse still, a political scientist. not a statistician.

Bjorn Lomborg - young, blond, piano-playing, but basically a statistics nerd - may not be back soon. He has just succeeded Monsanto as the official chief villain of the world environmental movement

Lomborg is a crook brought out by what every communard knows is a 'right-wing think tank'.
This is how it works:

For example, rather than argue with Lomborg's figures on their own terms, Pimm and Harvey simply associated him with Holocaust-deniers, thereby branding his views as beyond the pale. And in the case of the Kosovo conflict, as playwright Harold Pinter pointed out, the UK government's claim that the Kosovo conflict was 'a replay of the Holocaust and Milosevic is Adolf Hitler', was effectively saying, 'We tell the truth. They lie'.
and this is why:

Mr. Lomborg has been subjected to countless attacks on his character because the environmentalists opposing him don't have a substantive leg to stand on.
Global warming is no hype…. Err?

There should be a day that ad hominems turn against the attackers. Is it only in fairy tales that the little boys exclaiming: “look mummy, the emperor wears no clothes” are believed. In the real world, we shoot the messengers.

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