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Static particle

by Apprentice123
Tags: particle, static
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Apr9-09, 10:55 AM
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1) A section of wall of concrete pre-fabricated and temporarily, insured by the cables shown. If the tension in cable AB is 700 kgf, calls for determining the components of force and value of \theta y

The tension in cable AB is 700 kgf and the cable BC is 900 kgf. Determine the components of the resultant of forces exerted by the cables in B.


1)+600kgf; -300kgf; -200kgf
2)-1200kgf; +600kgf; -400kgf
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Apr9-09, 04:38 PM
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Hi Apprentice123!

You'll need to balance the x y and z components separately.

Show us what you've tried, and where you're stuck, and then we'll know how to help!

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