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Flash scroll pane and loader

by brandy
Tags: flash, loader, pane, scroll
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Apr18-09, 10:53 PM
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macromedia flash Professional 8 loaders and scroll panes help


i put this in programming but no one replied and i dont know how to move threads so im just reposting it here.

im using macromedia flash Professional 8 and i cant get scroll panes or loaders to work.

i put a loader in from the components panel, i specified the swf file (in the same folder) that is to be loaded and i set the scaleContent as false. when i test it it does not work. WHY!!!!! HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!

also. im not really sure at all how to use a scroll pane. i converted a series of images and text into a movie-clip with: export for action-scripting and export in first frame, enabled. I put a scroll pane from the components panel onto the stage and specified the movie clip and set the scaleContent to false. again no success. i didnt change the shape of the scroll pane.

pleeaaasee help me!!!!!
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Apr29-09, 07:48 AM
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May I recommend Back in the days when I was doing that stuff it was the best board around.

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