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Cover page in latex

by ladil123
Tags: latex
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Jun16-09, 04:55 AM
P: 45

Im writing my master thesis and I want to create a nice cover page.
I want to have a title, a picture and all the other things it should have.

Does anyone have any good codes or ideas to share?

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Jun16-09, 05:06 AM
P: 477
Hi there,

Writing a master's thesis, hey??? Why don't you ask your department the form and layout of your cover page, before going into some details. They might have some very specific requirements on what should appear and where, and specially what should not be there.

Jun16-09, 05:34 AM
P: 45
this is for the report to the company im working in.. They dont have any specific requirements..

I dont know how to write a cover page in latex, only in Word...

Jun16-09, 06:34 AM
P: 477
Cover page in latex

Hi there,

This should get you started:

It anyway gives you an idea on how to create your title page. You can modify it to your needs.

Hope this helps. Cheers

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