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Beagles 3 & 4 due for 2007 Launch!

by Nommos Prime (Dogon)
Tags: 2007, beagles, launch
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Nommos Prime (Dogon)
Jun27-04, 10:40 PM
Nommos Prime (Dogon)'s Avatar
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What do you do when you lose a Lander?
Simple, launch another TWO! Huh?????????????
And why on Earth would anyone sponsor Beagle’s 3 and 4?

Beagles 3 & 4 (on the way);,00.html
An image (by ESA) of Beagle 3 Lander;

Might have something to do with "control";
ESA and NASA (in bed);

Or, "finding" a "lost" Lander;
“Q: A few weeks ago Michael Malin released an image taken by his Mars Orbital Camera on board Mars Global Surveyor that might show Beagle 2 -- what are your thoughts about that?”
Where has this image gone?
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Jun28-04, 03:52 PM
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Beagle was sent to look for signs of life, or life itself.
It's a goal worth shooting for....again.....and again.....until we get it right.
Jul6-04, 08:15 AM
P: 4
yeah, i guess its time for the english to actually do something major, or even minor space wise, the press over here makes fun of guy alot but i think these 2 will have some bugs ironed out of them, as in actually working this time........

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