Getting the tension(Static equilibirum)

by honestliar
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Aug9-09, 12:40 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A system cord is knotted at point 0. Determine the angle of the force exerted at cord c If the mass of the hanging block is A=850g(8.34N) the tension in B=42N (the angle of Cord B is 25 degrees from the X-axis)

The Image:

2. Relevant equations

a/sinA = b/sinB = c/sinC

3. The attempt at a solution

8.43/sinA = 42/sinB = c/sin65

so to get the value of c I need to use the cosine law w/c gives me the answer of c=34.544

If i substitute this value in getting the value of sinA it will be sinA=(34.544)(8.34)/Sin65 w/c gives me a wrong answer.

Help please
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Aug9-09, 01:36 AM
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How about starting off with the sum of the forces for each component?

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