Sound Interference

by Dazz4C
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Aug30-09, 07:56 PM
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Okay, this may not be more related to soung engineers.

But say for example, if there was a concert - an there was a crowd. What formulas and calculations are involved to make sure the the interference of sound is kept to a minimum? As they wouldn't like to have the crowd on the left to have little (or no sound), whereas the central maximum (in the centre) has the maximum amount of sound.

To simplify it, is there any formulas to calculate what the distance between the two speakers should be in order to reduce sound interference.

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Aug31-09, 08:37 AM
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In a concert, balancing sound is not done with calculations. The sound engineer, or members of the sound crew, goes out into the hall or audience area and listens to the sound. Adjustments are made to the sound controls to get the best sounding balance throughout the listening area.

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