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Simple program in Fortran, I get an error

by fluidistic
Tags: error, fortran, program, simple
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Dec22-09, 07:44 PM
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It's not an assignment. Rather I'm trying to learn back some fortran.
I've found a website with some simple problems to do, that's where I got this one. See the first problem of this page :

Here's my program :
Program vasy
implicit none

Integer :: C
Real :: F

do while (C<=100)

end do

end program vasy

Here's the error I'm getting : "
Error: Unclassifiable statement at (1)
I know I didn't have to set F=0, but I tried several things in case the error was there... I can't get rid of the problem. My compiler is goftran and I'm under Ubuntu.
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Dec22-09, 08:48 PM
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P: 3,225
Nevermine, I just saw my problem. I had to write a=a+1 instead of just a+1.

Now I'm getting a permission denied when executing the program, but I think I'll solve it.
Thanks anyway!

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