Do I need ODE and PDE for differential topology?

by 5kold
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Mar10-10, 12:01 AM
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I am a senior in mathematics studying graduate point-set topoology atm. I am thinking I want to study differential topology in graduate school and maybe apply it to problems in cosmology. Do I need to take more ODE and PDE? I took intro to diff eq- the one that all engineering undergrads take. Is that enough? I would assume not but I may be surprised. Thanks.
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Mar10-10, 08:25 AM
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You don't need any special knowledge about diff equ. to study the basics of differential topology as in, say, the book by Hirsch or Guillemin & Pollack.
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Mar10-10, 10:40 AM
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And even if you did, it would be a DE course for mathematics students (one that does proofs) and not a DE course for engineers (one that does "what is it useful for?").

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