mechatronic engineering or electronic engineering

by d.irvin
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Jun7-10, 12:22 PM
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i need advice, i want to go into a career in research engineer. i would like to do either electronic or mechatrionic engineering but i dont know if it would be better to just go into one field of engineering(electronics) which cover one subject in dept or two seperate fields of engineering(mechatronics) which covers a few areas of engineering. could you advise me on which field would be the best field if i want to do research. By the way the area of research i would like to get into is robotics or nanotechnology.
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Jun7-10, 01:37 PM
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mechatronics would be a good choice for robotics research. I don't know what u should study for nanotech research though. Google CMU robotics institute to see what interest u.

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