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Calculus Problems...

by unrealplayer
Tags: calculus
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Sep9-04, 04:09 PM
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If you can work this out please try and reply to it before friday the 10th!!!

#1: If f is a differentiable function and g(x) = xf(x), use the
definition of a derivative to show that g'(x)(g prime of x) =
xf'(x)+f(x)(xf prime of x plus f of x).

Definition of a Derivative:

The Derivative of a function f at a number a, denoted by
f'(a) (f prime of a), is:

Lim f(a + h) - f(a)
x -> 0 --------------
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Sep9-04, 04:27 PM
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Apply the definition directly to g(x).
Sep14-04, 12:47 PM
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Thanks a lot, I found/got the right answer

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