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Superwave theory!

by polyb
Tags: superwave, theory
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Sep11-04, 09:11 PM
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Hey guys, I may be a newby here but I thougt this might be an interest to all of you! This is a work composed by a one Dr. Paul LaViolette concerning galatic core expulsions and climatology.

His claim is that the climatic changes here on terra firma actually have been dictated by extra-solar events. It is quite interesting and I think there may be something to it(though I ceratinly do not consider myself qualified to asses the validity). Check out the site:

Of course my biggest short comings are his correlations, though interesting, to ancient lore and myth as a means of encryption to these said events. Have a looksy and tell me what you think about his hypothesises and following conclusions, and do please pay attention to the evidences others have found to support said conjectures. Is it a prop to sell books playing on people's insanity or perhaps something valid?
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Sep12-04, 01:13 AM
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Crap=crap. He is delusional. Stick around here and you will learn some real physics.

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