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Fresnel power Coefficients

by Gogsey
Tags: coefficients, fresnel, power
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Oct4-10, 08:36 PM
P: 160

I'm doing a question using the Fresnel power coefficients, not the Fresnel amplitude coefficients. We can use matlab for this, but we are given a fixed angle of incidence of 45 deg so its really just one calculation, as opposed to an earlier question where the angle varied between 0 and 90 deg. We are given the refractive indices.

But what are these equations, lol. We're supposed to look them up but I can't find them.

The earlier question talked about the Fresnel amplitude coefficients, and this current question tells us to use the Fresnel power coefficients so I assume they are different.

Thanks a lot

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Oct5-10, 05:01 AM
P: 799
I've never heard of Fresnel power coefficient, but I guess it's similar to reflection coefficient. Then if you can calculate the relation between amplitudes, since power ~ intensity ~ amplitude^2, you can calculate the coefficient, right?
Oct5-10, 08:26 PM
P: 160
Hi Thanks,

yeah all we had to do was square the Fresnel amplitude reflection coefficient to get the power reflection coefficient and use 1-R2 to get the Fresnel power transmission coefficient.

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