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Fluid mechanics and Waves

by alphabeta1720
Tags: fluid, mechanics, waves
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Oct13-10, 12:34 PM
P: 15
Can anyone recommend books for Fluid Mechanics and Waves.
I don't want a book that requires high amount of maths but a book that strengthens your concepts and thought provoking problems.
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Andy Resnick
Oct13-10, 06:41 PM
Sci Advisor
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That's tricky- most decent fluids texts use tensors.

You may like Tritton's "Physical Fluid Dynamics"

Segel's "Mathematics applied to Continuum Mechanics" is available as a Dover text, and is quite good- the math is also very approachable.

For a impressively good read with *no* math, I recommend Vogel's "Life in Moving Fluids"

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