Molar Mass of Graphene and its strength

by kaelibw
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Oct20-10, 11:44 AM
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Hi. After i first heard about graphene, a few ideas started forming in my head. but before i can even tell if they would work or not, I need some information on graphene i cant seem to find anywhere else. For one thing its molar mass and another, its physical strength.
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Oct20-10, 02:55 PM
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No such thing as molar mass of graphene. It is not a single molecule, with well defined formula. In a way it is similar to polymers - for a polymer, at best you can say what is the average molar mass in the sample, but technically there is no upper limit on that number.

If you don't know that, I am afraid you are trying to run before knowing how to walk.
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Oct21-10, 02:11 PM
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yeah...i think it would probably be a good idea to actually explain my ideas. hopefully someone could help with that at least. my main idea is basically using graphene in place of the silicon carbide used in Dragonskin body armor. to be honest this idea just came from some information saying that graphene is about 200 times stronger than steel. i actually doubt it would work but i might as well see what you guys think.

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