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Rydberg States Exhibiting Quantum Defect?

by R Van Camp
Tags: defect, exhibiting, quantum, rydberg, states
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R Van Camp
Nov23-10, 09:02 PM
P: 8
I am posting this to see if any readers/mentors, etc. can refer me to any type of reference for Rydberg states that also exhibit the quantum defect wherein we need to be concerned with the attractive force between the nucleus (or possibly, the ion core) and valence electrons as the penetration of the valence electron into the core increases. The net result is the valence electron sees a greater positive charge.

Additionally, can you mention a specific atomic system exhibiting these seemingly contradicting behaviors? That is, Rydberg states grow in size whereas the quantum defect would appear to be observed in systems with smaller orbits than those of Rydberg states.

Thanks for your input. I am looking for thorough, seminal or heuristic discussions on these topics.

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Nov23-10, 10:29 PM
P: 63
I have no idea about the conception of Rydberg states.

May you find it with the wikipedia search.

The website is shown as following:
Nov24-10, 04:30 AM
P: 2,258
it might help if you would link us to something explaining what you are talking about.

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