Worm Hole Idea: Electron talk at Great Distance

by freydawg56
Tags: lightspeed, quantam mechanics, subatomic particles, wormholes
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Nov23-10, 09:45 PM
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Note: I am not a physicist but i like to read about it here and there.

But my idea is this (probably thought of before):

I have been reading Physorg.com and there is some new research about subatomic particles that are able to communicate at endless distances. This is considered strange apparently because it violates that nothing is faster than the speed of light. But my idea is it possible that there are really small worm holes connecting every subatomic particles at certain circumstances therefore allowing particles to communicate at distances farther than what light would allow.

Anyone heard of my idea before? Also, i have not the mathematical skill to spend weeks in solitude to work this out. lol but please discuss this if you want.

Thank you for reading.
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Nov24-10, 07:28 AM
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There is a mathematical approach to entanglement, where a pair of entangled particles is actually a string in a higher-dimension space and the particles themselves are its ends. Not quite a wormhole, but close.

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