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Which type of REU for future PhD in Neuroscience?

by Agent M27
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Agent M27
Dec23-10, 08:20 AM
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I am currently declared as a physics major and will be adding biology as a second major during the upcoming semester. I was originally set on astrophysics but the scarcity of post grad employment has me worried. Also astrophysics is a bit less "tangible" than neuroscience so I worry that I may loose interest as tome goes on. Taking this into consideration I am changing my future path to have something to do with neuroscience, more specifically comp neuroscience. I have done some searching for REU's in this field but I have only found one or two which makes me wonder; are REU's in neuroscience required for PhD admissions like they are for physics PhD admissions? If not what type of REU would be beneficial for admission into neuroscience programs such as those found at Princeton, Stanford, UCSD, etc.? I still plan to do some research which pertains to pure physics because it is what I love, but I feel as if I need to have some research which is more specialized to my end goals. Thanks in advance and happy holidays.

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Vanadium 50
Dec23-10, 08:57 AM
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REUs are not required for physics grad admissions. Full stop.

Since your premise is incorrect, there's no point in going on with the question.

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